Waste Collections and Councils

Our solutions allow both private waste management companies and local councils to more efficiently service to households and businesses.

They maximise stops and lifts per hour, reduce operating costs with less vehicles used, less distance driven, and time taken for waste collection, recycling, bulky kerb-side and verge pick-ups and more.

Key Features

  • Optimisation of routes with waste industry specific parameters
  • RouteSourcing solutions which leverage our teams deep industry expertise
  • Specialist bid and tender support
  • Fleet and driver safety solutions

Our Solutions and Capabilities

Residential Waste and Recycling Collection

Solutions for residential waste and recycling that maximise stops and lifts per hour, reduce route planning time, improve safety compliance and leverage investment for automated collection.

Commercial Routing

Commercial and industrial routing solutions that balance weekly patterns and workloads, adhere to strict time windows, and manage service for high-priority customers.

Street Sweeping

Solutions for street sweeping that restrict changes based on street signage, model odd-even street side service, and develop faster and more accurate routes based on sweeper speeds.

Strategic and Operational Consulting

Deep technical and operational expertise informs our consulting services, and allows us to delivery practical solutions to your complex logistics problems.


Whether due to limited resources or timing issues, you may need to complete a project and don’t have the staff to make it happen. RouteSourcing is an efficient way for you to leverage our team’s expertise to solve unique, challenging problems.

Master and Territory Routing

Develop and optimise master routes or service territories that minimise costs and maximise customer service.

Hybrid Routing

Optimise the variability in Master Routes by dynamically adding additional jobs to pre-established routes.

Customer Portals for Order Entry Capture

Capture customer orders via portals that integrate directly with Route Planning solutions, improving accuracy and reducing costs.

Bid and Tender Support

Perform sophisticated modelling and scenario planning to objectively determine the fleet required to support new work as you respond to new customer bids.