Route Planning and Optimisation

RouteSmart as a Service (RAAS)

RaaS creates better solutions, faster.

RaaS builds geographically compact, logical and balanced workloads in a fraction of the time it takes other systems to build less efficient routes.

Other systems create unbalanced routes that put multiple drivers on the same street, ignore side-of-street requirements, and lead to frustrated drivers, unsafe routes and wasted time.

Put RaaS to work to make faster, more efficient package deliveries and pick-ups.

RaaS gives you the power to:

  • Decrease total route times and distance
  • Solve complex routing and dispatching problems in seconds
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time deliveries
  • Control side-of-street service to ensure safer, more logical routes
  • Build routes with intelligent turn movements
  • Help your drivers get on the road and deliver more
  • Save time and money with hosted deployment