Delivery and Appointment Scheduling

Delivery and appointment technologies designed to improve site security, visibility and reduce site congestion.

Tackle urbanisation challenges with intelligent activity scheduling and execution of activities to match the requirements and capabilities of your site.

Key Features

  • Highly configurable and flexible solution
  • Integrations via open APIs
  • Automated notifications for the sites community
  • Advanced analytics and reporting

Our Technologies

Mobiledock Integrations

Mobiledock's open APIs allow connectivity with a range of third party solutions enhanced productivity and the automation of processes.

Mobiledock Notifications

Mobiledock’s notifications keep tenants and receivers informed on the status of their deliveries, reducing queries and improving customer satisfaction.

Mobiledock Analytics

Analytics and reporting that drives loading dock efficiency and carrier/supplier performance management.

Descartes Dock Appointment Scheduler (DAS)

Enables shippers, carriers and consignees to schedule dock door appointments, validate purchase orders and ASN’s.