Transport Management (TMS)

Manage and reduce costs for third party and non-dedicated fleets.

Evaluate shipment alternatives to find and select the most efficient shipping method - optimising transportation purchases for both operational effectiveness and cost.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced external freight spend
  • Improved load utilisation
  • Controlled access to supplier rate cards
  • Accurate and automated auditing of supplier invoices

Our Solutions

Carrier Selection

Automate and control the selection of carrier ensuring the lowest cost outcomes.

Tender and Acceptance

Automate load 'tender' and 'acceptance' processes ensuring efficient dispatching of your loads.

Rate Management

Centralise and control the maintenance, updating and sharing of rates across your transport operations.

Load Planning and Optimisation

Leverages advanced algorithms that automatically rate and optimally consolidate shipments across modes to reduce transportation costs and determine delivery dates.

Transportation Execution

Streamline and accelerate shipments through digital documentation and automation of the booking, tracking and POD processes.

Load Visibility

Consolidates logistics tracking data from carriers into a single integrated platform to meet two growing challenges: real-time freight visibility and automated freight matching.

External Fleet and Owned Fleet Optimisation

Integrate and optimise your external (third party) your internal fleet for improved operational flexibility, lower costs and better service.

Contract Management

Create, edit, and manage agreements with carriers and other logistics services providers. Reduce administration overhead, improve compliance and enhance carrier relationships.

Settlement and Invoice Validation

Automate the freight audit process to reduce payment processing costs and improve audit accuracy and reduce discrepancies.