Delivery and Appointment Scheduling

Clever solutions to the problems of urbanisation.

Solve the problems of congestion and visibility - with intelligent scheduling and execution of activities to match the requirements and capabilities of your site.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility of incoming appointments
  • Reduced congestion
  • Improved site amenity
  • Improved site utilisation

Our Solutions

Inbound Deliveries

Intelligent scheduling and shaping of deliveries to match the physical and operational capabilities of your site.

Outbound Deliveries

Scheduling of transport arrivals to match the capabilities of your production or manufacturing removing backlogs and congestion on your site.


Integrate with access control (boom gates, LPRs), building management (BMS), contractor induction, safety and other solutions with our open APIs and webhooks.

Dock Sizing

Make informed decisions on the optimal dock space required at your development based on your expected mix of tenants and uses.

Commercial Planning Approvals

Develop Loading Dock Management Plans with confidence that the loading docks designed will be operationally functional and appropriately sized.

Manage Site Security

Manage the sites physical security by automatically approving all authorised carriers, drivers, and contractors requesting access—and also by intelligently restricting access only to delivery parties specifically approved by tenants.

Contactless Arrivals

Manage contactless arrivals at remote sites with QR codes that register site.

Document Control

Schedule and match deliveries to your specific purchase orders or similar providing greater control and visibility.