Fleet Assurance

Easily manage and control your fleet and driver safety obligations.

Our range of clever solutions help you improve driver and vehicle safety, monitor speed and fatigue, and manage your compliance obligations.

Key Benefits

  • Improved driver and vehicle safety
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • Simplified CoR compliance
  • Improved fleet visibility

Our Solutions


Vehicle tracking solutions and web based fleet management software that display all your vehicles and driver information - allowing you to manage cost and improve safety and efficiency.

Video Solutions

Gain a single, comprehensive view of your fleet to help improve safety, efficiency, and cost outcomes with video telematics that enhance and simplify fleet management.

Asset Tracking

With battery powered, discrete devices, our trailer and non-powered asset management solution allows your business to track and manage your non-powered assets.

Driver Safety

Monitor and manage drivers behaviour through a connected vehicle fleet perform with instant alerting for drivers and managers.

Fleet Maintenance and Compliance

For all types of on and off-road fleets, including heavy and light vehicles, fixed and mobile equipment, our maintenance and compliance solution allows the management of scheduled maintenance, servicing, inspections and ad hoc repairs and replacements.

Legislative Compliance

Manage and demonstrate your compliance with relevant legislation (HVNL, CoR, WHS) including driver behaviours, vehicle maintenance parameters and your operational policies and procedures.

Fuel Tax Credits

Obtain precision automated analysis of your fleets’ GPS data that can be used to maximise the value of your transport activities and fuel tax credits.


Measure and compare the performance of a team of drivers, or vehicle types - driving performance improvements in driver behaviours, fleet running costs, and safety outcomes.

Electronic Work Diaries

Simple and intuitive design which reduces driver infringements, simplifies CoR requirements, send notifications and alerts to drivers and provide cloud-based record storage for up to three years.