Route Planning and Optimisation

No two route planning or optimisation problems are the same. We use different optimisers for different problems.

Our solutions allow you to reduce cost, improve efficiency and customer service outcomes across a wide range of planning modes - from dynamic and same day solutions, to territory or master routing.

Key Benefits

  • Less vehicles used and distances driven
  • Reduced planning and dispatch costs
  • Improved fleet and driver utilisation
  • Improved customer service outcomes

Our Solutions

Daily / Dynamic Routing

Sophisticated planning capabilities that enable a broad range of industries to create optimal daily routing solutions. Automate route planning across the distribution network for more effective and efficient performance, and greater planner productivity

Same Day Routing

Offer time-definite same day delivery through appointment bookings integrated with real-time GPS-based vehicle tracking.

Customer Selected Time Windows.

Allow customers to select from dynamically generated delivery time windows that maximize the customer experience while minimising delivery costs.

Master Routing

Develop and optimise master routes that minimise costs and maximise customer service.

Hybrid Routing

Optimise the variability in Master Routes by dynamically adding additional jobs to pre-established routes.

Territory Planning

Optimise your sales/distribution or deliveries territories to ensure they meet the changing needs of your business .

Bid and Tender Support

Perform sophisticated modelling and scenario planning to objectively determine the fleet required to support new work, or generate optimised routes for others to quote on.