Bestrane Developments

Our inhouse development capabilities extend and add significant value to our solutions.

They help customers quickly realise the benefits form their solutions with minimum effort and input from their internal IT teams.

Key Features

  • Our existing developments quickly add value
  • Ad hoc and customised developments can be tailored to suit your requirements
  • Developments performed by Bestrane's Australian based team

Our Technologies

Bestrane Order Processing Service (BOP)

Our Order Processing Service receives orders from your systems and applies rules and business logic to enhance the data, before it presents those orders to your route planning and optimisation solution. BOP reduces the effort required to integrate orders into route planning solutions, and enables more advanced optimisation capabilities to be applied.

Bestrane Customer Portals (BCP)

Bestrane Customer Portals can be designed as stand alone solutions or integrated into your existing customer facing portals. Capture customer orders via portals that integrate directly with route planning solutions, or use tracking solutions to provide customers with direct visibility of their orders.

Bestrane Notification Solutions (BNS)

To enhance customer experience, notifications must be accurate and send at the right time. Bestrane Notification Service combines actual delivery status events, with your planned delivery promise to send email, SMS, and Glympse notifications to your end customers. It significantly reduces inbound call centre calls from your customers, and enables higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Bestrane App Connect Service (BAC)

Taking advantage of smart phone app interoperability, BAC 'listens' to delivery events being performed by drivers, and enables extended delivery processes, like collecting gas/liquid meter data, document printing, and credit card payment processing. BAC has built-in integrations to many different gas/fuel/oil meters • Liquid Controls : LCR 600, LCR II, LCR IQ • SAMPI: Truck III, TEX • Lquip: All • Alfons-Harr: All Data collected by BAC is then integrated back to your route planning for real-time plan vs actual to enable features like customer billing and enhanced proof of delivery. BAC extends the capabilities of Descartes Mobile.

Bestrane Order Generation Service (BOG)

Order Generation Service determines when your end customers orders should be generated and passes those orders direct to your planning and optimisation for routing. Typically used for bulk delivery operations with vendor managed inventory, reorder trigger points within OGS can be configured based on specific data including fixed frequencies, variable frequencies, day/s of week, seasonal variability, and telemetry readings. Bestrane Order Generation Service gives you control of when you need to service your customers with the right order at the right time, reducing “short” deliveries, eliminating “out of stock” incidents, and lowering transport costs.