Medical distributors and pharmaceutical labs are benefiting from our industry leading solutions in responding to surging demand and increasing service expectations.  

Our customer order management, route optimisation, dynamic sample collection, delivery execution, notifications and appointment scheduling solutions are specifically tailored and suited to the challenges of the health industry.

Key Features

  • Customer portals that capture orders and track deliveries
  • Routing configurations determined by AI and ML
  • Delivery driver apps with real time tracking
  • Customer notifications
  • Scheduling of incoming / outgoing deliveries

Our Solutions and Capabilities

Route Planning and Optimisation

Our route planning and optimisation solutions allow to you to reduce cost, improve efficiency and enhance customer service outcomes across a wide range of planning modes – from dynamic and same day solutions, to territory or master routing.

Delivery and Driver Execution

Transform your customer experience by eliminating paper-based processes, empowering drivers, improving delivery and data accuracy, confirming chain-of-custody, reducing labour costs and accelerating billing cycles.


Engage with your customers throughout the entire collection or delivery cycle to reduce failures and improve customer experience.

Transportation Management

Our transport management solutions help you to find the most efficient shipping methods and carriers to optimise transportation purchases for cost and operational efficiency.

Delivery and Appointment Scheduling

Tackle congestion and visibility challenges with intelligent activity scheduling and execution to match the requirements and capabilities of your operations.

Customer Portals

Create enhanced customer experiences with customised portals that capture orders, present time windows and accurately track deliveries.

Our Technologies

Descartes OnDemand

Descartes OnDemand provides an easy and affordable way to optimise delivery performance. Plan, dispatch routes and track progress in real time and capture critical proof-of-delivery (POD) information.

Bestrane Customer Portals (BCP)

Bestrane customer portals can be designed as stand alone solutions or integrated into your existing customer facing portals. Capture customer orders via portals that integrate directly with route planning solutions, or use tracking solutions provide customers with direct visibility of their orders.