Utilities (Water, Electricity)

Efficiently plan and execute meter reading and field service operations while meeting the demanding and changing requirements of the utility industry.

Reduce travel and overtime with optimised field service routes including residential and commercial meters for electric, natural gas and water utility services.

Key Features

  • Optimisation of meter reading and field service routes with industry specific parameters
  • Automated meter reading solutions
  • Routesourcing solutions which leverage Bestrane's deep Utilities sector experience
  • Bid and tender support

Our Solutions and Capabilities

Meter Reading

Our route optimisation solutions allow utilities to balance meter reading workloads into uninterrupted geographic areas across cycle days. Once cycle days are balanced, you can easily create daily routes that provide appropriate workloads for your meter readers. Using advanced settings, you have the power to minimize travel distances for traditional walking and driving routes.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Gain the most from your investment in automated meter reading (AMR) systems. Maximise efficiency by reducing your reading days per month when building geographically compact cycle days coupled with an increase in daily read rates. Our advanced AMR solvers incorporate varying read ranges of ERTs and create a driving travel path based on the minimum set of streets that you need to travel to read every meter. This decreases travel distances, allowing you to significantly increase your daily read rate.

Field Service Routing

Electric, gas and water utilities can plan, optimise, balance and visualise workloads with a powerful route optimization toolset, that features unique high-density address balancing and sequencing solvers.

Master Routing

Develop and optimise master routes that minimise costs and maximise customer service.

Territory Planning

Optimise your field service operators territories to ensure they meet the changing needs of your business.


Whether due to limited resources or timing issues, you may need to complete a project and don’t have the staff to make it happen. RouteSourcing is an efficient way for you to leverage our team’s expertise to solve unique, challenging problems.