Fleet Owners, Operators and 3PLs

Fleet Owners, Operators and 3PLs are encountering unprecedented demand combined with increased service expectations and cost pressures.

Our solutions manage these pressures throughout your operations from customer order entry portals, route optimisation, delivery execution, customer notifications.

Key Features

  • Powerful customer portals
  • Routing configurations determined by AI and ML
  • Delivery driver apps with real time tracking
  • Customer notifications
  • Fleet and driver assurance

Our Solutions and Capabilities

Strategic Route Modelling

Redefine the delivery network to address large changes in demand and evaluate new customer service policies and determine the best distribution strategies that minimise costs and maximise customer service.

Daily Delivery Planning

Maximise master route productivity or take advantage of dynamic delivery planning to be even more responsive and squeeze out costs. Automate route planning across the distribution network for more effective and efficient performance, and greater planner productivity.

Same Day Routing

Offer time-definite same day delivery through appointment bookings integrated with real-time GPS-based vehicle tracking.

Territory Planning

Optimise your deliveries territories to meet the changing needs of your business.

Customer Selected Time Windows

Allow customers to select from dynamically generated delivery time windows that maximise the customer experience and minimise delivery costs.

Bid and Tender Support

Perform sophisticated modelling and scenario planning to objectively determine the fleet required to support new work as you respond to new customer bids.

Delivery Execution

Ensure drivers are able to execute their routes and address disruptions in the field as they occur. Alert delivery operations, customer service customers in real-time as disruptions impact delivery schedules and provide them with revised estimated-time-of-arrival.


Engage with customers from purchase through the delivery cycle using automated notifications to help reduce failures and improve the customer experience.

Continuous Optimisation

Continually optimise by taking in new orders or changes and optimising them as they occur, and constantly look for new combinations to improve planning results.

Integration Development

Speed up the implementation of solutions by drawing on our teams experience, and realise the benefits faster.

Customer Portals

Create enhanced customer experiences with customised portals that capture orders, present time windows and track deliveries.


Vehicle tracking solutions and web based fleet management software that display all your vehicles and driver information - allowing you to manage cost and improve safety and efficiency.

Fleet Safety

Our maintenance and compliance solutions allow for the management of scheduled maintenance, servicing, inspections and ad hoc repairs and replacements for all types of on and off-road fleets, including heavy and light vehicles, fixed and mobile equipment.

Driver Safety

Utilise telematics and video solutions to monitor and track driver safety.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

Manage and demonstrate your compliance with relevant legislation, maintenance parameters and operational policies and procedures.

Our Technologies

Bestrane Customer Portals (BCP)

Bestrane customer portals can be designed as stand alone solutions or integrated into your existing customer facing portals. Capture customer orders via portals that integrate directly with route planning solutions, or use tracking solutions to provide customers with direct visibility of their orders.

Bestrane Order Processing (BOP)

Order processing services receive orders from your systems and apply rules and business logic to enhance the data, before presenting the orders to your route planning and optimisation solution. Bestrane Order Processing Service reduces the effort required to integrate these orders into route planning solutions, and enables more advanced optimisation capabilities to be applied.