Driver and Delivery Execution

Descartes MobileLINK

With Descartes MobileLINK drivers have the tools, information and defined workflow needed to do their jobs on the go

With Descartes MobileLINK and Mobile POD, drivers have the tools, information and defined workflow needed to do their jobs, all on a smartphone or tablet.

Our mobile-enabled POD solution:

  • Eliminates paper & streamlines operations
  • Supports signature capture, confirmation of product counts, pictures of damages, and much more all in a paperless environment
  • Reduces billing cycles by automatically transmitting essential financial and logistics data to your customer service and billing systems

Workflow tasks range from scanning an order for verification and taking a photo of the delivered product, to capturing a customer’s signature and producing a final invoice at delivery. Mobile POD creates value by reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Two-way wireless communication and passive monitoring capabilities for enhanced logistics execution, extending traditional route planning by incorporating a free flow of information between dispatch and the field.

As a result, transportation and operations teams can improve performance, boost productivity, lower costs, and enhance the customer experience.

Increase Delivery Accuracy

Manual processes increase the chance for inaccurate customer orders and the subsequent shipping, delivery, and payment issues that degrade the customer experience.

When drivers have the route, stop and invoice information available on their mobile device, the chance for errors is minimal. With mobile scanning in place, drivers can ensure each shipment is complete with the correct products and quantities, and can document overages, shortages and damages (OSDs).

Errors are automatically detected when pallets and cases coming off the truck are scanned, alerting the driver to mark exceptions and update the order. Scanning also allows drivers to unload by temperature zone and confirm when the compartment has been fully unloaded to ensure no cases are left behind and thereby reduce redeliveries.

Providing a complete chain of custody effectively eliminates any credits associated with driver- or customer-related shrinkage, and minimizes revenue leakage

Operate More Efficiently

An effective mobile POD solution streamlines workflows and accelerates processes for employees in the field and the back office. Because the stop, invoice and associated pricing for each customer are downloaded in stop sequence order on the mobile device, drivers can quickly re-order stops without missing a beat.

Using their smartphone or tablet, the driver is automatically reminded when they arrive at a Cash on Delivery (COD) account. If there is a short or a damage, the driver will mark the exception and the COD amount will be automatically recalculated. Then the driver can produce a clean electronic invoice at the point of delivery and capture any required signatures. By eliminating paperwork, time-per-stop can be reduced.

At the end of the route, returns can be scanned and either returned to inventory or disposed of via a company’s returns management process. This enables tighter management control over inventory and assets. With drivers capturing and transmitting more accurate data and POD evidence in real time, back-office processes will also be streamlined. Staff can spend less time reconciling invoices, resolving disputes, auditing payment received and verifying proof of delivery after the fact.

Keep Costs Down

By scanning and digitizing delivery tickets, all paperwork and related expenses are either eliminated or greatly reduced. That includes paper, print cartridges, storage and destruction costs, plus overhead costs associated with back-office employees managing, scanning, imaging, and archiving completed paperwork from the field.

Mobile POD solutions drive efficiencies in transportation that lower costs including reduced mileage, decreased fuel usage and increased asset utilization. Other operational savings are realized through increased driver productivity and labor reduction. Lower customer service costs are another benefit of mobile POD.

When a delivery is delayed or an invoice is generated, back office systems are updated with real-time status information to proactively alert customers. As a result, customer service receives fewer inbound calls and lowers its cost per contact