Route Planning and Optimisation

Logistics Solutions (Logix)

Logix software is a full featured supply chain optimisation, site location and distribution network design application developed for both optimisation and simulation of distribution problems 

Logix is a full featured supply chain optimization, site location and distribution network design application developed for both optimization and simulation of global, national, regional and local distribution problems.

Logix Distribution Network Design 

Modeling for the optimisation of the number and location of distribution centers, sourcing, cross dock and pool facilities, transportation, warehouse and inventory costs​

​Logix Transport Optimisation 

Modelling for featured static and/or dynamic routing and scheduling tool with windows, DOT restrictions, vehicle capacities and product capabilities.​

​The models can be used to proactively predict: ​

  • which facility in the network is approaching capacity limitations, experiencing rapid growth or higher than average cost of service, ​​
  • when new customers or service offerings require modifications or additions to the network or how to best integrate new service offerings into the existing network and, ultimately, and​
  • where new facilities should be located in the future to support business growth and change ahead of time.

Product Flow and Inventory Optimisation ​

Modeling for the optimization of product flows and inventory levels throughout a multi tiered network of suppliers, manufacturing plants, warehouses, DCs, ports and cross dock facilities. ​

​Strategic Sourcing Optimisation ​

Modeling for the optimisation of sourcing, total landed cost, lead time and potential risk mitigation, supplier selection, manufacturing levels and network capacity constraints.