Driver and Delivery Execution

Descartes GreenMile

Track productivity of your mobile teams, reduce last-mile costs and improve customer service.

GreenMile Live

Track productivity of your mobile teams, reduce last-mile costs and improve customer service, and keep your costs low and your deliveries on time.

Combining route plan information with real-time actual-versus-plan data from mobile and telematics devices, GreenMile Live helps your company increase visibility, improve driver performance and reduce the cost of your mobile resources

GreenMile Live Benefits

  • Manage delivery performance in real time
  • Track, monitor, and measure actual-vs-plan performance metrics and KPIs
  • Keep fuel and maintenance costs low while improving customer service
  • Make changes to route and orders in real-time

GreenMile Live Features

Real-Time Visibility: Give dispatchers full visibility over route, driver, order and detailed customer information and status in real time.

Actual-Vs-Plan Event Management: GreenMile compares your route plan against the actual data and alerts you to any deviations or future service failures.

Powerful Analytics Tool: Build your own reports and dashboards and analyze your data from multiple perspectives to make better informed decisions.

Smart Geocoding: Locate and update customer location inaccuracies in your routing software with our Smart Geocoding functionality.

Service Times Update: GreenMile compares historical service times with actual service times to improve the efficiency of your route plans.

GreenMile Driver

Empower your drivers with performance-enhancing technology, and make the last mile more efficient — and profitable.

Equip your drivers with the tools to effectively execute every route plan, every time. With GreenMile Driver, your mobile resources receive detailed information about their route plan as well as many tools to help them execute their routes effectively while providing dispatchers with real-time route updates and performance statistics from the field.

GreenMile Driver Benefits

  • Access detailed route plans and customer delivery information
  • Improve driver efficiency with guided navigation and real time traffic data
  • Capture proof-of-delivery (POD) information and track Hours of Service
  • Eliminate paperwork and make your delivery fully digital

GreenMile Driver Features:

  • Voice & Visual Navigation
  • Digital Distribution
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Cash Cash & Reconciliation

GreenMile Manager

Manage your team from anywhere.

Prevent service and delivery issues before they happen.

Managers can get quick, easy access into their drivers’ route performance with GreenMile Manager. With real-time service and delivery updates, you can better manage your fleet operations, while easy-to-understand performance metrics allow you to accurately measure driver performance.

GreenMile Manager Benefits

  • View driver performance metrics and measure delivery success
  • Reduce customer service issues and product return rates
  • Improve account management by sales representatives
  • Get real-time alerts on delivery or service issues

GreenMile Manager Features

  • Real-Time Route Details
  • Graphical Customer Data
  • Event Notifications
  • Real-Time Interaction