16 November 2021 - news

Descartes - ROI for Freight Visibility

Global supply chain visibility has become an extremely hot topic in recent years. In Descartes’ 2021 survey of transportation and logistics professionals, it was rated the #1 capability needed for successful transportation management.

To improve financial and service KPIs, companies must have a way to view, analyze, and communicate multimodal and visibility data in real-time.

Thanks to emerging technologies, the ability to get much more granular visibility is now a reality. However, companies often grapple with how to measure its value and justify the financial investment.

ROI Behind Freight Visibility

In this eBook, Descartes explore the trends and challenges driving visibility adoption today, and outline how to:

  • Identify the greatest areas of payback in your operations
  • Extend value to partners and customers
  • Ensure you get maximum coverage and compliance from your carrier
  • Assess the capabilities of freight visibility solutions

We also share examples of our customers’ success that can be applied to your operations.

Download the report here: The ROI Behind Freight Visibility