27 May 2024 - news

Highlights from Bestrane Connect 2024

Industry professionals recently gathered at the Manly Pacific, Sydney, for our Bestrane Connect 2024 event.

Highlights from Bestrane Connect 2024

The event connected our customers, partners and suppliers from across our Bestrane and Mobiledock businesses.

Featuring 15 presentations, the event focused on how our customers and partners are using technology solutions to help drive efficiency across their operations.

Speakers from companies including Asahi Beverages, API, BC Sands, Coca Cola EuroPacific Partners, Coregas, Coates, Snack Brands Australia, iComply and suppliers including Descartes, Four, Geotab and SALT3 shared insights and stories of how technologies were able to:

  • Enable the centralisation of their routing planning functions for over 30 locations nationally driving cost savings and efficiency improvements, in addition to realising significant outcomes through advanced route planning initiatives.
  • Use Mobiledock to provide clear visibility of transport loads, reduce carrier turnaround times, and digitise their operations.
  • Integrate Mobiledock with access control solutions including boom gates, pin codes, QR code readers, and License Plate Recognition (LPR) solutions, improving efficiency on-site and enabling Chain of Responsibility reporting.
  • Improve driver safety with the deployment of telematics and video solutions.
  • Reduce emissions with Hydrogen technologies for heavy vehicles.
  • Manage the regulatory compliance of drivers with real time verification of driver licenses, work permits, vehicle insurance, police checks and others.

Our panel discussion focused on the steps companies are taking in their sustainability journeys and the challenges they face.

A highlight of the day was our keynote presenter Dr. Sheila Nguyen, Head of Sustainability for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup. Sheila emphasised the role of technology in achieving sustainability goals. She explored the diverse aspects of a sustainable approach such as diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and environmental impact, and how these can be integrated into a cohesive strategy.

Dr. Sheila Nguyen, Head of Sustainability for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup discussing the role of technology in achieving sustainability goals

We want to thank all of our partners and participants of Bestrane Connect 2024.

Their engagement and insights made this year’s event a remarkable success and we’ve had some great feedback received from the day.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the talks and schedule of the day, and well into the evening."
"It was a great day and I took away from it both some new ideas as well as some really interesting new connections."
"I don't think I have ever been to one of that size so well run and of such high value."

We look forward to welcoming you back for Bestrane Connect 2025, where we will continue to explore innovations and drive excellence in logistics management.

Stay tuned for details of Bestrane Connect2025 – we’d love to see you there.